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Oh, what?

So when cleaning out the stuff in my old room for spring cleaning-ish stuff, I found my Gamecube controller and memory card. I took the chance to finally play Tales of Symphonia, which I've owned for years, but never really played. What ended up happening though, is that I turned to Tales of Hearts instead. fffff---- :( I love ToH like burning. I might even play it again after this playthrough. :D I'm currently at 希望の塔 ジャックシード, so I don't have much longer before it's over. ):

Hearts is one of the very few games where I actually feel for the antagonist. I mean, sure, he's a cold, calculating jerk. Especially with how he treats Incarose (he more or less never cared for her, so she lives a sad existence as nothing more than a weapon). But really, he only created Gardenia to rid the world of thoughts of war. It just went wrong and he didn't expect what happened. If it was created with that type of ideal in mind, I can hardly think of him as an evil person. And the only reason he revived it after so many years was to save someone he cared about that got caught up in the whole thing. I was especially sad with how it ended for those two. I cried. </3

On the other hand, Symphonia is just epic boring for me. I don't even like any of the characters after 10 hours. I'm not even sure why I'm still trying to finish it. I'd be better off just playing Baten Kaitos again instead. /petpetpet Wii. I'm giving you some lovin' after 3 months of collecting dust. 8D

Although, I don't think I should pick up another game when I'm currently balancing all of the following: SoulSilver, Star Ocean 2, Tales of Hearts, Tales of Symphonia, Final Fantasy X-2, and Valkyrie Profile 2. Of course, all of these are going to be put on hold when I get my PS3 in a week or two as Resonance of Fate is sitting on my bookcase waiting to be played. <333

I need to buy Tales of Vesperia PS3, but it's so spendyyyyy. I'll end up shelling out the money anyway though. /cry
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