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This became tl;dr really fast.


I've only been anticipating this game since, oh, I don't know, December. Given the track record of EMS and my area I should have it on Thursday. I'll stalk the package anyway though. It's like a right of passage for any package with a tracking number that comes my way. I'm a super impatient person, so I'll check the whereabouts of a package once or twice a day and get all excited as it gets closer to my location. I like to call this "obessive package stalking syndrome." It's such a sad thing to suffer from. haha.

Gaming wise, I've been playing more Project Diva to get myself used to it again for when 2nd arrives. I've also been playing SO4 on Universe to unlock Chaos so I can get trophies. I'm not going to try to platinum the game, but I would like to get what trophies are reasonable. Clearing the game on Universe and Chaos difficulty is totally doable.

Since I'm at Baroque Dark on Universe I'll be able to start a Chaos playthrough soon. Who knows, maybe I'll even remember to buy an Eldar Bow for a shop request in Triom this time! I kicked myself for forgetting that this time around. I knew I had to do it and I forgot anyway. The prospect of going through the Caldianon Mothership and Purge Temple yet again makes me want to die a bit though. I hate those places.

And just so everyone knows, I actually have to play through this game with Japanese text (Japanese voices is obviously a must) just so I can even read the text on my tv. This'll explain why I'm not using the localization names when talking about it. The English text is so small I can't read anything. D:< It's like they expect me to have a 50+ inch HDTV while playing this shit.

I've also been replaying P3P a bit as well. However, considering I've played through it 3+ times since December I'm getting kind of burned out with it. The only reason I really started playing it again was because a friend started playing FES and my instant reaction was, "GOTTA PLAY P3P." D:

Outside of that, I've either been sleeping or watching dramas. Well, more or less Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku at the moment. I'm not sure if I'll pick up watching another summer 2010 drama or not.

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In other news, I listened to Arashi's new album earlier. It's getting a somewhat lukewarm response from me. It's not bad, but I'm in one of those moods where I want to listen to a certain type of music (catchy, calming, or both atm) and this album isn't fitting into that type well. The songs that do fit into the type of music I want to listen to (Mada Ue wo, Refrain, Troublemaker, Circus, Come back to me, Magical Song, Monster, and kagerô) are good, but the rest is getting a really lukewarm response from me. I should really like Summer Splash!, but I'm not really digging it at the moment... I wonder why.

"What I want to listen to" aside, I like 15/20 songs on the album. That said, it's not a bad album. I just don't see myself listening to it to the sheer extent that I've listened to Time though. Oh geez, Time was on repeat for weeks when it first came out. YES, I DID IT. I COMPARED BOKU NO MITEIRU FUUKEI TO TIME.