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About that last post... Forget what I said.

Sooooo, I come back to LJ for the first time in over a year (in the sense of posting) and I've changed so much.

Personality wise, I'm the same. Probably a bit more mellow now. Interest wise... I've changed a lot. haha

I'm not really into idol groups anymore. I mean, I like them, but I'm not into them. Does that even make sense? I'll listen to them, but I don't follow them like I used to anymore. I'm basically updated enough to know when they're releasing something new. Whether or not I actually look into it is another thing.

I've also found myself disinterested in dramas. I used to watch quite a few and now it's an epic struggle for me to just make it through one. Last season I tried to watch My Girl and stopped around ep4. This season I'm trying to watch Bloody Monday 2 and epic failing. I missed one ep, watched the next one, then missed the next two.

I think I've basically moved on to gaming and animanga. Mostly gaming though.

I'm gonna have to update my interests after I wake up... :(
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