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I can go from zero to geek in less than two seconds.

My Mom was watching Ace of Cakes thursday night and I heard "exterminate" so the first thing that came out of my mouth was naturally, "OMG. IS THAT THE DALEK CAKE?" It was and it made my day.

I've spoiled myself and am going to just walk away from Torchwood as of 3x01. I figure I already know what happens and that I can save myself some of the picking up the shattered remains of my heart this way. Why do all of my favorite characters, minus the one that can't die, have to die? Why? And of course Gwen gets to live. This sucks so bad.

Mom and I went to the bookstore yesterday. She ended up buying about 8 books and I just priced DVDs and looked at world history books. Note that "pricing DVDs" was more like "my jaw dropped at the price and I nervously laughed my way back downstairs." I'm not paying $80 for one season when I can buy the same thing for half that price from Amazon. But that brings up a more important question, do I want to buy DVD or Blu-ray? DVD would allow me to view it on my comp without having to buy a new drive, but 1080i is really tempting.

Hello? Anyone there? No. Because the phones aren't working.

I saw this on my flist and I had to do it or else I'd feel guilty.

♥ Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper on their LiveJournal. (Now, I'm not going to hunt you down if you don't, but hey, it could be fun - especially if there is boy kissing and/or porn.
♥ Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!
♥ Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on.

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Marathon watching Torchwood is not good for me (I've gone through series 1 and half of series 2 within two days...). Don't get me wrong, this show is awesome and I love it. However, no show can be awesome without causing me some severe emotional pain. It's like writers like picking on my favorite characters or something. Maybe I'm picking the wrong characters to like?

There is a huge spider in my bathroom and I am, under no circumstances, going in there. This must be an endearing trait or something as my Mom's only reaction is to just smile and chuckle. I am legit freaking out over here (who has arachnophobia? I do!) and she doesn't even offer to, oh, I don't know, go kill it or something.


Currently playing:
Resonance of Fate (PS3)
BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger (PS3)
Ace Attorney Investigations (DS)

Got Bayonetta PS3 as well, so I'll be playing that once I get done with Resonance of Fate. I downloaded and played the demos of both Tales of Vesperia and Trusty Bell PS3 and liked them, so I'll have to buy those when I can get them. For Trusty Bell, it's just a matter of tracking down a Gamestop that has it or I could import it since the JPN version is basically the same price as the NA version. As for ToV.../imports. Q_Q

Blazblue: Continuum Shift comes out next month! SO EXCITE! I want to pre-order it...

Mom's getting another dog today... I'm not pleased, but I guess if I just make him aware that I don't like him and want nothing to do with him, he'll leave me alone. I have a truce with the dog we have atm. I leave her alone and she leaves me and my stuff alone. I just don't like the thought of having two dogs in the house for any period of time. I don't like dogs at all and I get extremely uncomfortable even visting my sister because they have two dogs. I don't mind her boyfriend's dog since she'll leave you alone if you tell her to go lay down, but Julie's dog is in your face all the time and just...sglkjdslgdsjl I don't like that dog. D; He doesn't shut up ever.

My mom has to rename the dog she's getting and was joking about naming him after a character in one of my video games. I told her she couldn't do that and that she should just name him Alexander or Mr. Snootykins. All I know is that it's a mix between a schnauzer and a yorkie so it's going to be downright snooty looking. It's not cute, just snooty. Mr. Snootykins works. >:( Imma call him that regardless of what she names him.


c é l e s t e ・ ミ☆ どれだけの罪背負う覚悟なら 許されるの? says (21:45):
...I should never be allowed to play video games..
Cocaine Couture (゚∀゚)Is it any wonder I reject you first?☆★ says (21:46):
c é l e s t e ・ ミ☆ どれだけの罪背負う覚悟なら 許されるの? says (21:46):

Of course I go around watching gameplay clips of games I'm going to buy before I buy them and end up spoiling a ton of crap for myself. /sigh. Come to me, birthday. Then I can get hyped up on nutella and tea and stay up all night glued to my PS3. I wish my life was more interesting, but that's pretty much the story of my life right now.

Until then, more SoulSilver for Kari. ...Yeah, I still haven't outgrown these games. I got a female Kabuto and am geeking about it. 12% chance! First dome fossil was fem! OMG~ Too bad that Aerodactyl wasn't fem. :(

...I kinda dumped my starter pokemon for a Mismagius. /crying. I'm so sorry, Chikorita.

nomnomnom moosiks

Between Friday and Wednesday I was on a music shopping spree. You know what that means! Imma babble on about what I bought. :D NOMNOMNOM MOOSIKS. HOW I LOVE AND PINE FOR YOU. ♥

I bought 11 albums/eps, but 2 of them I'm not going to cover as I haven't even gotten a chance to properly listen to them yet. My weekend was spent grocery shopping (it was more intense than it sounds, really) and with family (read: my mom telling my sister's boyfriend embarrassing stories about both my sister's and my childhood. orz).

My parents want us all to go camping this summer. Help! They said something about a cabin, so I could lug some gaming systems with me, but still! I'm not an outdoorsy person. And besides, my sister and nephew just moved out back in late February. I don't think I could survive an entire weekend with them both anytime soon and still keep my sanity intact. :(

Anyway, onto music talk.

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Both Broken Social Scene and Stars are releasing new albums before July. I'm so excited that I can't even---


I moved into my sister's old room today. ( ゚ヮ゚)ノ♥

It's different, but I'll get used to it. If anything, I really hated moving my bookcase. We're talking around 100~200 books/magazines along with around 100 or so DVDs, games, and CDs.

It's nice not having a shit ton of furniture I don't need in here. All I have in here is my bed, desk/computer, a dresser, and my bookcase. I actually have some floorspace now. Hooray!

My back hurts so bad now thanks to moving all those books. And I'm washing my bedding so I still have to make my bed. OTL

I'm half tempted to read before bed tonight, but I think I'll just pass out before I can open a book.