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last.fm stats 2011.11.6→2011.11.13

I haven't done these posts in forever. hurrdurr.

jewelry drop proves that fmy. should be way more popular than he actually is. Everything he creates is flawless.

On the other hand, Kick's For Liberation 3 is amazing. I was honestly expecting it to be more dubcore or something, but amazingly enough it was mostly hardstyle. Score! Not really a fan of the wobble bass in the second remix of Switch, but it grows on one after a while. /sob. I'm seriously waiting for the dubstep fad to blow over because it's getting old already. blech.

(15/23 of those REDALiCE plays were Wink Blue. what am I doing?)

comiket watch post


So the Tokyo CASE event for enigmatic LIA4 was ustreamed. Holy shittttt.

I cannot even!! This event had everything! Minoshima playing overly sexual songs! SHIMAMURA being flawless! REDALiCE werqin' that crowd! KORS K'S AIR GUITAR. SGLKJSGLSD You know I'm freaking out when I tweet nothing but:

#whatislife #whatisbreathing #omgicannot #lifeisgoldandnothinghurts #stanningforever #tearsinmyeyes #somanyfeelings

I WAS ON THE MOON WHEN SHIMAMURA PLAYED SUNSHINE HERO AND LET'S SING. OH MY GOD. SO MUCH FLAILING. And the use of 絆-kizunairo-色 (kors k vs REDALiCE remix) to transition between kors k and REDALiCE was surreal. ( *oo*)

I liked most of what was played, but the songs I was familiar with were the best for me. So fun to watch them being performed live in realtime even if I wasn't actually there.

So basically, the songs I freaked out about most (outside of the aforementioned 絆-kizunairo-色) were:
Let's Sing
Into the night (kors k mix) (ALL MY SCREAMS FOREVER FOR THIS SONG)
時を刻む唄 [JAKAZiD Remix]
Crush Out

Well, I knew all of the songs REDALiCE played, but those were the ones I was freaking out about the most. I also want to thank him because now I have his remix of you ArE NEvEr ALoNE On thE dANcEfLoor stuck in my head. (I AM YOUR DJ. LET ME SPIN THAT FUCKIN' TURNTABLE.) lgkjdslkgs Amazing.

So basically, this whole gig was amazing. EVEN WITH THE AKACIDENT (the audio fucked up so bad on one of the songs in REDALiCE's set). I stayed up until like 6am watching this and it was worth ittt. I actually didn't even stay up for the entire thing, I went to sleep after REDALiCE's set since he was the last DJ I was familliar with and wanted to see. haha. ;w;

I ain't even mad about missing Teddyloid's set at MOGRA like a month ago anymore because I got to see this.


Last week was amazing. Not only did I finally get around to pre-ordering After Autumn (COME TO ME, AUGUST.), but my birthday was last week.



I hyped this album for 3 long months, had astronomically high expectations for it, and it is better than I expected. Everything about this album is flawless. THE TWO SOUNDTRACKS UP IN HERE (GTI Club and NEO CONTRA), ALL THE BEMANI JAMS, THAT ONE PIANO BALLAD OFF THE COMPOSERS ALBUM, PIANO VERSION OF FLY ABOVE. HOLY SHIT.

While on the subject of music, I actually did give capsule's new album a listen. I wasn't really expecting anything and I guess in a way I got what I was expecting: absolutely nothing. It's a very bland album with no real appeal imho. The songs all drag on too long without any sort of progressiveness to them that makes them interesting to listen to. Highly disappointed in the album and I side-eye the people on last.fm even more.

Don't get me wrong, I get that taste in music differs between people and all that, but seriously? Stop treating WORLD OF FANTASY like it's the best capsule album. FRUITS CLiPPER and Sugarless GiRL slay WORLD OF FANTASY any day. I used to really like Nakata's work, but I have no idea what even happened to his music lately. capsule has been on a downward slope since Sugarless GiRL and I haven't cared about Perfume since GAME. I get that he produces many people, but that's not an excuse. There are some doujin artists that release several albums a year (sometimes upwards of 3) and still come up with things more creative than what Nakata's pumping out.

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And this opinion has nothing to do with my taste in music not having range. I listen to some of the funkiest shit imaginable and enjoy it. For example, BLACK EYED PEAS IN MY TOUHOU? WHAT IS THIS. (omg I love that song so much ide.) I also like a lot of music that I'll openly admit is a bunch of shit. I'm not afraid to call out what I think is shit music and what isn't. At least I have the metaphorical balls to elaborate on why I think that way instead of just bagging on the artist.
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My right arm is full of scars and I've devoted everything

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Netflix app on PS3. When did this happen?! I don't really need it since I have the streaming disc, but it's a lot faster/lazy friendly than having to put the disc in every time I want to use the feature. Anything that's lazy friendly gets my love considering I'm an extremely lazy person most of the time. /lounges around.

I stayed over at my sister's house on Saturday night since we went to a bakery and doughnut shop early Sunday morning. I never really paid much attention before, but I noticed that their GPS, Moonbeam I guess I should call her, has a really posh British accent. She sounds kinda like that snooty judge on Food Network Challenge. I don't know why I find this amusing, but I do.

My Saturday night was full of lulz. My sister's boyfriend was playing middleman to a bitch fight between his best friend and my sister's best friend. I found it hilarious.

Sunday morning was just crazy. We went to Pearl Bakery first and I got my macarons, which are like little pillows of heaven omg, and a few other baked goodies and then we went and stood in line for 45 minutes at Voodoo Too for doughnuts. Now, the doughnuts were good, but what the hell $5 for a fritter? And I paid that?! What is my life. It was a good size and delicious, but it still seemed a bit overpriced. My dad was disappointed about me not getting any bacon maple bars, but right after he said that he got all excited about a chocolate doughnut with cocoa puffs on it so...yeah. I will never get over that. 60 y/o and stanning cocoa puffs. My family.

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So much refreshing and the weekly charts are a day late this week. ಠ_ಠ
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I finally decided to stop being lazy and updated iTunes to version 10. All I can say is that I love it. I don't care for the ping feature they added, but I love the cosmetic changes. Especially the "artist - album title" change to the now playing area. Very nice. :)

The only thing I hate about updating iTunes is that it always, without fail, fucks with my view settings. It always pisses me off because I hate having to change all of my settings back to what they were before I updated.

And just for giggles, since I can never answer the question of "what type of music do you like?", these are the albums (no singles/EPs here) that are rated 5 stars in my iTunes. It's always impossible for me to describe my musical taste since it's practically everywhere and back. I mean, you name a genre and I most probably listen to something that falls into it.

Notes for my rating criteria:
5 stars: Flawless or no more than 2 songs that I tend to skip.
4 stars: No more than 3 songs I tend to skip.
3 stars: No more than 5 songs I tend to skip.
2 stars: I tend to skip half of the album.
1 star: Why is this on here?

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I seriously have nothing better to write about. I mean, the highlight of my week so far was that it rained yesterday. D;

This is a music post.

I'm in a musical mood, so have a music post! Unlike the last one, this one will be more pop/rock orientated and possibly larger.

I'm also formatting it differently. I'll be posting the language, genre, and year released as well as the artist and song title this time. :)

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I'm ending this post at that. If I don't stop now it's going to get more out of hand than it already has. D8


I bought S5E1 of Doctor Who off of iTunes since I missed the BBC America broadcast (fffff---). I decided I liked episode 1 enough to buy the DVDs when they're released in November. I can wait to watch the rest until then. I still have nearly 2 series of Doctor Who (not counting specials), 4 series of Bones, and 4 series of Stargate Atlantis to watch. I can keep myself occupied until then. If, for some ungodly reason, I manage to finish all of that on top of everything else I have to do, there's always Supernatural to watch.

Regardless, while that was downloading I searched for this and was pleased to find out that it was finally released!

I've been excited for this since, oh, I don't know, may. Needless to say, I bought this too. ♥

One thing I can say is that if Mirage is going to sound like this, I'm definitely tempted to buy it. Imagine was kind of disappointing, really. I'm also very excited for Straight to the Heart and will be upset for the second time if it gets shoved back again. Regardless, I think this song is fabulous. :)

If anyone is interested in the song:

Find your freedom in the music ♪

Music pooooooost! I've found that I can't really do a music meme since picking songs for one is too hard for me. Therefore, I've decided that I should just do music posts every now and then instead of attempting a music meme. They'll probably be somewhat monstrous when I do one, but if I can get at least one person to like something I posted, it'll be worth it! :)

As for what I'll post when I do make music posts... It'll probably be a random collection of 10 or more songs each time. I've no real preferences in genres so I doubt I'll make an entire post of a certain type of music. Majority? Probably. All? Highly doubt it.

This post will likely be mostly electronic stuff with some other genres randomly thrown in. :)!

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