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I did my Christmas shopping for everyone but my sister's BF yesterday. I think I'll just go in on a gift card for him with my Mom cause that's what he said he wanted. Easy to please with a gift card~

I'll have to go back to the mall later this month to get chocolates for stocking stuffers, but other than that, no more shopping for me. Hooray! My sister and I are totally going to fight each other to the death over the tiramisu truffles. ffff---

I did a little shopping I've been putting off for a while since I was at the mall. I went into B&BW for some shower gel and came out with.... more than just shower gel. /sobs. Anyone else get tempted by sales? I do.

Dem Cleffa.


Okay, it pretty much goes without saying that the only pokemon I actually stan are Cleffa/Clefairy (Clefable can gtfo) and Gengar. My Cleffa/Clefairy stanning is getting downright insane. I have over a PC box full of them in SoulSilver. /sobs. Why yes, that is LG in my DS.

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Normally that wouldn't be so bad except for the fact that now I'm starting a Cleffa army on vdex too. Every time I see a Cleffa in a shop I have to have it. I won't actually have anyone breed one for me (I can do that myself), but if one needs a new home I'll take it. ;o; I love dem Cleffa.

Also, christmas shopping is kicking my ass. I want to cry rn. Malls in December. I don't wanna go but I have to anyway. /crycrycry.

My right arm is full of scars and I've devoted everything

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Netflix app on PS3. When did this happen?! I don't really need it since I have the streaming disc, but it's a lot faster/lazy friendly than having to put the disc in every time I want to use the feature. Anything that's lazy friendly gets my love considering I'm an extremely lazy person most of the time. /lounges around.

I stayed over at my sister's house on Saturday night since we went to a bakery and doughnut shop early Sunday morning. I never really paid much attention before, but I noticed that their GPS, Moonbeam I guess I should call her, has a really posh British accent. She sounds kinda like that snooty judge on Food Network Challenge. I don't know why I find this amusing, but I do.

My Saturday night was full of lulz. My sister's boyfriend was playing middleman to a bitch fight between his best friend and my sister's best friend. I found it hilarious.

Sunday morning was just crazy. We went to Pearl Bakery first and I got my macarons, which are like little pillows of heaven omg, and a few other baked goodies and then we went and stood in line for 45 minutes at Voodoo Too for doughnuts. Now, the doughnuts were good, but what the hell $5 for a fritter? And I paid that?! What is my life. It was a good size and delicious, but it still seemed a bit overpriced. My dad was disappointed about me not getting any bacon maple bars, but right after he said that he got all excited about a chocolate doughnut with cocoa puffs on it so...yeah. I will never get over that. 60 y/o and stanning cocoa puffs. My family.

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So much refreshing and the weekly charts are a day late this week. ಠ_ಠ
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It's currently after 2am and I should be in bed because I need to be awake by 8am. The prospect of less than 6 hours of sleep is horrifying for me considering that sleeping in is my favorite pastime. I hate the fact that my mom didn't mention this until 6pm tonight. It's hard for me to "go to bed early" when I didn't even wake up until 1pm.

That said, a meme/game called and I can't leave it alone omg. D:

Put player on shuffle, list the first 40 tracks that play and then answer the quiz questions.

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I finally decided to stop being lazy and updated iTunes to version 10. All I can say is that I love it. I don't care for the ping feature they added, but I love the cosmetic changes. Especially the "artist - album title" change to the now playing area. Very nice. :)

The only thing I hate about updating iTunes is that it always, without fail, fucks with my view settings. It always pisses me off because I hate having to change all of my settings back to what they were before I updated.

And just for giggles, since I can never answer the question of "what type of music do you like?", these are the albums (no singles/EPs here) that are rated 5 stars in my iTunes. It's always impossible for me to describe my musical taste since it's practically everywhere and back. I mean, you name a genre and I most probably listen to something that falls into it.

Notes for my rating criteria:
5 stars: Flawless or no more than 2 songs that I tend to skip.
4 stars: No more than 3 songs I tend to skip.
3 stars: No more than 5 songs I tend to skip.
2 stars: I tend to skip half of the album.
1 star: Why is this on here?

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I seriously have nothing better to write about. I mean, the highlight of my week so far was that it rained yesterday. D;