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nomnomnom moosiks

Between Friday and Wednesday I was on a music shopping spree. You know what that means! Imma babble on about what I bought. :D NOMNOMNOM MOOSIKS. HOW I LOVE AND PINE FOR YOU. ♥

I bought 11 albums/eps, but 2 of them I'm not going to cover as I haven't even gotten a chance to properly listen to them yet. My weekend was spent grocery shopping (it was more intense than it sounds, really) and with family (read: my mom telling my sister's boyfriend embarrassing stories about both my sister's and my childhood. orz).

My parents want us all to go camping this summer. Help! They said something about a cabin, so I could lug some gaming systems with me, but still! I'm not an outdoorsy person. And besides, my sister and nephew just moved out back in late February. I don't think I could survive an entire weekend with them both anytime soon and still keep my sanity intact. :(

Anyway, onto music talk.

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Both Broken Social Scene and Stars are releasing new albums before July. I'm so excited that I can't even---