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I can go from zero to geek in less than two seconds.

My Mom was watching Ace of Cakes thursday night and I heard "exterminate" so the first thing that came out of my mouth was naturally, "OMG. IS THAT THE DALEK CAKE?" It was and it made my day.

I've spoiled myself and am going to just walk away from Torchwood as of 3x01. I figure I already know what happens and that I can save myself some of the picking up the shattered remains of my heart this way. Why do all of my favorite characters, minus the one that can't die, have to die? Why? And of course Gwen gets to live. This sucks so bad.

Mom and I went to the bookstore yesterday. She ended up buying about 8 books and I just priced DVDs and looked at world history books. Note that "pricing DVDs" was more like "my jaw dropped at the price and I nervously laughed my way back downstairs." I'm not paying $80 for one season when I can buy the same thing for half that price from Amazon. But that brings up a more important question, do I want to buy DVD or Blu-ray? DVD would allow me to view it on my comp without having to buy a new drive, but 1080i is really tempting.