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OH LAWDY. I'm probably late to the party, but Gakuheta is being released on the PSP.

I--I kind of want. I also want Are you Alice? portable and I'm eyeing the STAR DRIVER PSP game for, if nothing else, the KIRABOSHI (ノゝ∀・)~キラ ☆ aspect of it. Though me being me, I'd probs go through that one yelling "DO I DAZZLE YOU YET, TAKUTO-KUN?" at my PSP. orz.

Why are all the games I want being released on PSP lately? There's the aforementioned games, Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 3 (YEAH HISUI AND FLYNN YEAHHHHH), Stasuka in Winter... b'awww. I'm getting Tales of Vesperia before any other game though. /foot down. I've been saying I need to get it for over a year and it's high time I finally bought it!

Also, will someone please get the Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt soundtrack away from me? Corset's theme is my jam rn. ; -;/

(ノゝ∀・)~キラ ☆


Oh god, I got hooked so hard on STAR DRIVER Kagayaki no Takuto. I can't even. It's filled with so much derp and lulz and ballerina robots. ; --; It's so sad that once I started to lay off the anime the only ones that really catch my attention nowadays are the really off the wall ones.

Outside of that, Tales of Versus has been amusing me very much as of late. HAMMER BAGS. LLOYD LIKES HAMBURGURS. KRATOS SOUNDS LIKE AN OLD MAN. HEY PIGMONKEY, SHUT UP. I was playing it during my mom's doctor appointment yesterday and I had to explain to her why Shing is the derp king. "He stabbed himself in the foot...on purpose" "why?" "because he's a derp."

My family really doesn't know anything about Tales so I always get some lulzy convos out of them. My favourite one was the "BUT WHY DOES JADE HAVE A GIRL'S NAME THOUGH." one. fff--

EDIT: lawl. It changes Asbel's title mastery setting to change after gaining 2 stars of a title. Hence why it was auto changing. I'm just gonna be over here being a derp.

Anyway, I really liked Graces (so many Hearts vibes up in here), but I have to say I didn't like the future arc all that much. It was really hit and miss with me, to be honest. I liked some parts of it (plot tied in well, more Richard and Lambda, new battle skills and Carta, Mecha Asbel, Hubert/Pascal!) while other parts annoyed the hell out of me. I think the Sophie's family thing was really cute, but Asbel/Cheria annoys me beyond words. Probably because Cheria annoys me. I like Asbel (he's like Shing only not as hilarious), but Cheria just makes me rage.

It was kind of cute how she acted motherly towards Sophie, but towards Pascal too? No gurl, no. For one, Pascal is old enough to take care of herself. Two, she has an older sister that can scold her for not taking a bath as much as she should. I have nothing against friends pointing out flaws in their friends and/or showing concern for their well being, but there's a limit to how much I can actually take of it. Cheria was far too caring (to the point of ignoring her own health at times) and it just really rubbed me the wrong way.

Also, what in the hell is with me and liking the antagonists in the Tales series? Goddamn. :(

What is this?

This is just a quick post to get out the "what?!" before I pass out.

I was checking my dailies for the last time before going to bed and came across this. I just---I can't even. I can't even think of anything to describe my reaction because it's basically just "...what?" Talk about coming out of nowhere.

This came as a shock, but I'm still majorly excited for Catherine. ♥

This became tl;dr really fast.


I've only been anticipating this game since, oh, I don't know, December. Given the track record of EMS and my area I should have it on Thursday. I'll stalk the package anyway though. It's like a right of passage for any package with a tracking number that comes my way. I'm a super impatient person, so I'll check the whereabouts of a package once or twice a day and get all excited as it gets closer to my location. I like to call this "obessive package stalking syndrome." It's such a sad thing to suffer from. haha.

Gaming wise, I've been playing more Project Diva to get myself used to it again for when 2nd arrives. I've also been playing SO4 on Universe to unlock Chaos so I can get trophies. I'm not going to try to platinum the game, but I would like to get what trophies are reasonable. Clearing the game on Universe and Chaos difficulty is totally doable.

Since I'm at Baroque Dark on Universe I'll be able to start a Chaos playthrough soon. Who knows, maybe I'll even remember to buy an Eldar Bow for a shop request in Triom this time! I kicked myself for forgetting that this time around. I knew I had to do it and I forgot anyway. The prospect of going through the Caldianon Mothership and Purge Temple yet again makes me want to die a bit though. I hate those places.

And just so everyone knows, I actually have to play through this game with Japanese text (Japanese voices is obviously a must) just so I can even read the text on my tv. This'll explain why I'm not using the localization names when talking about it. The English text is so small I can't read anything. D:< It's like they expect me to have a 50+ inch HDTV while playing this shit.

I've also been replaying P3P a bit as well. However, considering I've played through it 3+ times since December I'm getting kind of burned out with it. The only reason I really started playing it again was because a friend started playing FES and my instant reaction was, "GOTTA PLAY P3P." D:

Outside of that, I've either been sleeping or watching dramas. Well, more or less Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku at the moment. I'm not sure if I'll pick up watching another summer 2010 drama or not.

Collapse )

In other news, I listened to Arashi's new album earlier. It's getting a somewhat lukewarm response from me. It's not bad, but I'm in one of those moods where I want to listen to a certain type of music (catchy, calming, or both atm) and this album isn't fitting into that type well. The songs that do fit into the type of music I want to listen to (Mada Ue wo, Refrain, Troublemaker, Circus, Come back to me, Magical Song, Monster, and kagerô) are good, but the rest is getting a really lukewarm response from me. I should really like Summer Splash!, but I'm not really digging it at the moment... I wonder why.

"What I want to listen to" aside, I like 15/20 songs on the album. That said, it's not a bad album. I just don't see myself listening to it to the sheer extent that I've listened to Time though. Oh geez, Time was on repeat for weeks when it first came out. YES, I DID IT. I COMPARED BOKU NO MITEIRU FUUKEI TO TIME.


Currently playing:
Resonance of Fate (PS3)
BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger (PS3)
Ace Attorney Investigations (DS)

Got Bayonetta PS3 as well, so I'll be playing that once I get done with Resonance of Fate. I downloaded and played the demos of both Tales of Vesperia and Trusty Bell PS3 and liked them, so I'll have to buy those when I can get them. For Trusty Bell, it's just a matter of tracking down a Gamestop that has it or I could import it since the JPN version is basically the same price as the NA version. As for ToV.../imports. Q_Q

Blazblue: Continuum Shift comes out next month! SO EXCITE! I want to pre-order it...

Mom's getting another dog today... I'm not pleased, but I guess if I just make him aware that I don't like him and want nothing to do with him, he'll leave me alone. I have a truce with the dog we have atm. I leave her alone and she leaves me and my stuff alone. I just don't like the thought of having two dogs in the house for any period of time. I don't like dogs at all and I get extremely uncomfortable even visting my sister because they have two dogs. I don't mind her boyfriend's dog since she'll leave you alone if you tell her to go lay down, but Julie's dog is in your face all the time and just...sglkjdslgdsjl I don't like that dog. D; He doesn't shut up ever.

My mom has to rename the dog she's getting and was joking about naming him after a character in one of my video games. I told her she couldn't do that and that she should just name him Alexander or Mr. Snootykins. All I know is that it's a mix between a schnauzer and a yorkie so it's going to be downright snooty looking. It's not cute, just snooty. Mr. Snootykins works. >:( Imma call him that regardless of what she names him.

Oh, what?

So when cleaning out the stuff in my old room for spring cleaning-ish stuff, I found my Gamecube controller and memory card. I took the chance to finally play Tales of Symphonia, which I've owned for years, but never really played. What ended up happening though, is that I turned to Tales of Hearts instead. fffff---- :( I love ToH like burning. I might even play it again after this playthrough. :D I'm currently at 希望の塔 ジャックシード, so I don't have much longer before it's over. ):

Hearts is one of the very few games where I actually feel for the antagonist. I mean, sure, he's a cold, calculating jerk. Especially with how he treats Incarose (he more or less never cared for her, so she lives a sad existence as nothing more than a weapon). But really, he only created Gardenia to rid the world of thoughts of war. It just went wrong and he didn't expect what happened. If it was created with that type of ideal in mind, I can hardly think of him as an evil person. And the only reason he revived it after so many years was to save someone he cared about that got caught up in the whole thing. I was especially sad with how it ended for those two. I cried. </3

On the other hand, Symphonia is just epic boring for me. I don't even like any of the characters after 10 hours. I'm not even sure why I'm still trying to finish it. I'd be better off just playing Baten Kaitos again instead. /petpetpet Wii. I'm giving you some lovin' after 3 months of collecting dust. 8D

Although, I don't think I should pick up another game when I'm currently balancing all of the following: SoulSilver, Star Ocean 2, Tales of Hearts, Tales of Symphonia, Final Fantasy X-2, and Valkyrie Profile 2. Of course, all of these are going to be put on hold when I get my PS3 in a week or two as Resonance of Fate is sitting on my bookcase waiting to be played. <333

I need to buy Tales of Vesperia PS3, but it's so spendyyyyy. I'll end up shelling out the money anyway though. /cry
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c é l e s t e ・ ミ☆ どれだけの罪背負う覚悟なら 許されるの? says (21:45):
...I should never be allowed to play video games..
Cocaine Couture (゚∀゚)Is it any wonder I reject you first?☆★ says (21:46):
c é l e s t e ・ ミ☆ どれだけの罪背負う覚悟なら 許されるの? says (21:46):

Of course I go around watching gameplay clips of games I'm going to buy before I buy them and end up spoiling a ton of crap for myself. /sigh. Come to me, birthday. Then I can get hyped up on nutella and tea and stay up all night glued to my PS3. I wish my life was more interesting, but that's pretty much the story of my life right now.

Until then, more SoulSilver for Kari. ...Yeah, I still haven't outgrown these games. I got a female Kabuto and am geeking about it. 12% chance! First dome fossil was fem! OMG~ Too bad that Aerodactyl wasn't fem. :(

...I kinda dumped my starter pokemon for a Mismagius. /crying. I'm so sorry, Chikorita.

In some remote corner of my room, my iPod is crying...a lot.

So, I've officially started listening to the podcast of TATW (Trance Around the World) religiously. :D

2:00:00 long, about 110mb per ep... Yeah, my iPod is crying right about now. I really like it though! Good tracks, it's not compressed down to 25 min like A State of Trance is (FFFF---), and it focuses on the music rather than shameless self-promotion/stroking their own egos.

Super8 & Tab's Black Is The New Yellow EP needs to come out like...now. I wants. OTL

ANYWAY, outside of the music talk, I've been trying to get a lava cat robe on mabi for the past 3 days. 160+ fossils (98% of those being somewhat/mostly restored) and Belita has yet to cough one up. D:< /fumefume

On the upside, I'm rebuilding my holy water empire. ;w;/