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Oh god, I got hooked so hard on STAR DRIVER Kagayaki no Takuto. I can't even. It's filled with so much derp and lulz and ballerina robots. ; --; It's so sad that once I started to lay off the anime the only ones that really catch my attention nowadays are the really off the wall ones.

Outside of that, Tales of Versus has been amusing me very much as of late. HAMMER BAGS. LLOYD LIKES HAMBURGURS. KRATOS SOUNDS LIKE AN OLD MAN. HEY PIGMONKEY, SHUT UP. I was playing it during my mom's doctor appointment yesterday and I had to explain to her why Shing is the derp king. "He stabbed himself in the foot...on purpose" "why?" "because he's a derp."

My family really doesn't know anything about Tales so I always get some lulzy convos out of them. My favourite one was the "BUT WHY DOES JADE HAVE A GIRL'S NAME THOUGH." one. fff--

EDIT: lawl. It changes Asbel's title mastery setting to change after gaining 2 stars of a title. Hence why it was auto changing. I'm just gonna be over here being a derp.

Anyway, I really liked Graces (so many Hearts vibes up in here), but I have to say I didn't like the future arc all that much. It was really hit and miss with me, to be honest. I liked some parts of it (plot tied in well, more Richard and Lambda, new battle skills and Carta, Mecha Asbel, Hubert/Pascal!) while other parts annoyed the hell out of me. I think the Sophie's family thing was really cute, but Asbel/Cheria annoys me beyond words. Probably because Cheria annoys me. I like Asbel (he's like Shing only not as hilarious), but Cheria just makes me rage.

It was kind of cute how she acted motherly towards Sophie, but towards Pascal too? No gurl, no. For one, Pascal is old enough to take care of herself. Two, she has an older sister that can scold her for not taking a bath as much as she should. I have nothing against friends pointing out flaws in their friends and/or showing concern for their well being, but there's a limit to how much I can actually take of it. Cheria was far too caring (to the point of ignoring her own health at times) and it just really rubbed me the wrong way.

Also, what in the hell is with me and liking the antagonists in the Tales series? Goddamn. :(

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Nabbed from ashclaw.

1: Put your MP3 or other music player on random.
2: Post the first line (or two) from the first 25 songs that play.
3: Let everyone guess the artist & song.
4: Bold when someone gets them right.

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Yeah, I'm bored and have nothing better to post tbh. /shrug.

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I did my Christmas shopping for everyone but my sister's BF yesterday. I think I'll just go in on a gift card for him with my Mom cause that's what he said he wanted. Easy to please with a gift card~

I'll have to go back to the mall later this month to get chocolates for stocking stuffers, but other than that, no more shopping for me. Hooray! My sister and I are totally going to fight each other to the death over the tiramisu truffles. ffff---

I did a little shopping I've been putting off for a while since I was at the mall. I went into B&BW for some shower gel and came out with.... more than just shower gel. /sobs. Anyone else get tempted by sales? I do.

Dem Cleffa.


Okay, it pretty much goes without saying that the only pokemon I actually stan are Cleffa/Clefairy (Clefable can gtfo) and Gengar. My Cleffa/Clefairy stanning is getting downright insane. I have over a PC box full of them in SoulSilver. /sobs. Why yes, that is LG in my DS.

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Normally that wouldn't be so bad except for the fact that now I'm starting a Cleffa army on vdex too. Every time I see a Cleffa in a shop I have to have it. I won't actually have anyone breed one for me (I can do that myself), but if one needs a new home I'll take it. ;o; I love dem Cleffa.

Also, christmas shopping is kicking my ass. I want to cry rn. Malls in December. I don't wanna go but I have to anyway. /crycrycry.

Writer's Block: One day

How do you feel when a favorite band breaks up? Do you still follow the original band members in their new projects?

A favourite band of mine has broken up in the past and honestly, it was painful for me. I cried for a while and didn't want to accept that it had really happened. It seemed like everything was fine between them all! It was a total shocker that the band just up and disbanded like that!

I do follow the member's new projects if I like them. It's the same story when a band member has a side project. So long as the material they're putting out is good, I'll support it. However, if I don't like the material that's released, I won't. Just because I really, really like(d) a band doesn't mean I will blindly support anything of which the members do. I have to like what they're releasing to truly appreciate the value of their works.

My right arm is full of scars and I've devoted everything

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Netflix app on PS3. When did this happen?! I don't really need it since I have the streaming disc, but it's a lot faster/lazy friendly than having to put the disc in every time I want to use the feature. Anything that's lazy friendly gets my love considering I'm an extremely lazy person most of the time. /lounges around.

I stayed over at my sister's house on Saturday night since we went to a bakery and doughnut shop early Sunday morning. I never really paid much attention before, but I noticed that their GPS, Moonbeam I guess I should call her, has a really posh British accent. She sounds kinda like that snooty judge on Food Network Challenge. I don't know why I find this amusing, but I do.

My Saturday night was full of lulz. My sister's boyfriend was playing middleman to a bitch fight between his best friend and my sister's best friend. I found it hilarious.

Sunday morning was just crazy. We went to Pearl Bakery first and I got my macarons, which are like little pillows of heaven omg, and a few other baked goodies and then we went and stood in line for 45 minutes at Voodoo Too for doughnuts. Now, the doughnuts were good, but what the hell $5 for a fritter? And I paid that?! What is my life. It was a good size and delicious, but it still seemed a bit overpriced. My dad was disappointed about me not getting any bacon maple bars, but right after he said that he got all excited about a chocolate doughnut with cocoa puffs on it so...yeah. I will never get over that. 60 y/o and stanning cocoa puffs. My family.

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So much refreshing and the weekly charts are a day late this week. ಠ_ಠ
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I caved and joined the insanity that is vdex. I've been playing for about three days now and my party is awesome. \o/

Hell yeah my trainer sprite in my sig is Ryoji. He be trainin' all the cute pogeymanz and getting all the ladies~ /shot.

I started out in Sinnoh since I chose Piplup as my starter and now I can't decide if I want to go to Hoenn or Johto next. Hoenn = Ralts and Snorunt (I want a Froslass like whoadamn). Johto = Teddiursa and Mareep. ;o;/ I'll probs end up in Hoenn first because my want for a Froslass is insane. It's only 50 pokedollars for a ferry ticket so it's not like I won't have the money to go to Johto within an hour anyway.

And while on the topic of pogeymanz, I was talking to a friend earlier and Growlithe came up in the discussion. I went to reply and typo'd Growlithe as "Crowlithe" and this is what resulted:

I have no excuse for this wtfery, but it is a thing of beauty (Much like Rapidash Man omfg). I don't even know what compelled me to do it, but I just thought "lol! I should totally copypaste Growlithe's head onto Murkrow's body!" and did it. D:

It's currently after 2am and I should be in bed because I need to be awake by 8am. The prospect of less than 6 hours of sleep is horrifying for me considering that sleeping in is my favorite pastime. I hate the fact that my mom didn't mention this until 6pm tonight. It's hard for me to "go to bed early" when I didn't even wake up until 1pm.

That said, a meme/game called and I can't leave it alone omg. D:

Put player on shuffle, list the first 40 tracks that play and then answer the quiz questions.

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This is me irl right now:

Why? My Torchwood DVDs showed up today. I ordered them on Wednesday, but since they were shipped from Seattle it only took two days to get here despite the shipping method saying 3-5 days on average. ilu Amazon.com. ♥

We're supposed to be going to Tillamook tomorrow, but now I kind of wanna stay home and watch Torchwood all day. I don't really care to go through the cheese factory again, but I would like the ice cream just because someone else would be treating me. I'm conveniently ignoring the fact that I have a tub of their Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream in my freezer right now. There's also the fact that don't have anything to do in the car. No books I haven't already read, no games I haven't already beaten...

In other news, I, much to my sister's dismay, got my nephew into Doctor Who. It used to be that the only one I could geek over Doctor Who with was my boyfriend since everyone else in my family doesn't like the show. Now I have a new watching buddy since my nephew likes it too!

Speaking of TV, I have a huge backlog of shit that I've recorded and have yet to watch. I have something like 11 episodes of Supernatural, the season premiere of The Choir, and an episode of Come Dine With Me recorded that I seriously need to watch already. I think the DVR is at like 80% full or something because I get busy and don't watch things as fast as I should so they don't pile up. Between all the Supernatural I've recorded and the Monty Python my dad has recorded, we have effectively filled one of the DVRs in this house. This is so many types of insanity given the amount of shows those things can hold at any one given time. roflmao.