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It's currently after 2am and I should be in bed because I need to be awake by 8am. The prospect of less than 6 hours of sleep is horrifying for me considering that sleeping in is my favorite pastime. I hate the fact that my mom didn't mention this until 6pm tonight. It's hard for me to "go to bed early" when I didn't even wake up until 1pm.

That said, a meme/game called and I can't leave it alone omg. D:

Put player on shuffle, list the first 40 tracks that play and then answer the quiz questions.

01. Agnes - Release Me
02. Armin van Buuren - Fine Without You (feat. Jennifer Rene)
03. Broken Social Scene - Pacific Theme
04. Coldplay - Strawberry Swing
05. We Are Scientists - Worth the Wait
06. Passion Pit - Seaweed Song
07. The Shins - Your Algebra
08. Snow Patrol - Disaster Button
09. Jamie Cullum - You and the Night and the Music
10. Armin van Buuren - Burned With Desire (feat. Justine Suissa)
11. Muse - Stockholm Syndrome
12. Snow Patrol - If There's a Rocket Tie Me to It
13. Pendulum - 9,000 Miles
14. Cut Copy - The Twilight
15. Coldplay - X&Y
16. Tears for Fears - Everybody Wants to Rule the World
17. Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Lover
18. Within Temptation - See Who I Am
19. Muse - I Belong to You (+Mon cœur s'ouvre à ta voix)
20. Radiohead - Idioteque
21. Broken Social Scene - World Sick
22. Al Stewart - Year of the Cat
23. Breaking Benjamin - Forget It
24. Snow Patrol - We Can Run Away Now They're All Dead and Gone
25. Above & Beyond - For All I Care
26. Black Eyed Peas - Meet Me Halfway
27. OceanLab - On a Good Day (Daniel Kandi Mix)
28. Leona Lewis - A Moment Like This
29. The Fray - Fall Away
30. Radiohead - Fake Plastic Trees
31. Arctic Monkeys - Still Take You Home
32. Savage Garden - I Don't Know You Anymore
33. Breaking Benjamin - Firefly
34. Elton John - Daniel
35. Carly Simon - The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
36. Radiohead - How to Disappear Completely
37. Muse - Exogenesis: Symphony Part 3 (Redemption)
38. Coldplay - A Message
39. Oliver Smith - Tomahawk
40. Gary Allan - Smoke Rings in the Dark

01. Which song do you prefer, #1 or #40? #40.
02. Have you ever listened to #12 continuously on repeat? Yes.
03. What album is #26 from? The E.N.D. (THE ENERGY NEVER DIES)
04. What do you think about the artist who did #15? I like Come Dine With Me. I like Honey Nut Shredded Wheat. Deal with it. It's Coldplay. I genuinely like Coldplay. Haters gonna hate.
05. Is #19 one of your favorite songs? The clarinet part makes me burst out laughing---it reminds me of the Heffalumps and Woozles song from Winnie the Pooh omg...---so I can't really take this song seriously. That said, the answer would be no. NICE TRY THOUGH GAIZ. D:
06. Who does #38 remind you of? No one in particular.
07. Does #20 have better lyrics or music? I'll go with music because I pay more attention to sound than lyrics most of the time.
08. Do any of your friends like #3? I have no idea.
09. Is #33 from a movie soundtrack? No.
10. Is #18 overplayed on the radio? I wouldn't think so.
11. What does #21 remind you of? Nothing in particular.
12. Which song do you prefer, #5 or #22? #22.
13. What album is #17 from? Read My Lips.
14. When did you first hear #39? Months ago.
15. When did you first hear #7? Years ago.
16. What genre is #8? Rock.
17. Do any of your friends like #14? I'm sure there are some.
18. What color does #4 remind you of? There's "strawberry" in the title, so red/pink!!! :D
19. Have you ever blasted #11 on your stereo? I would love to, but I don't think my parents or neighbors would appreciate it.
20. What genre is #37? Pretty. If that isn't sufficient then this particular song would fall under the classical/rock category. :)
21. Can you play #13 on any instrument? No.
22. What is your favorite lyric from #30? "She lives with a broken man"
23. What is your favorite lyric from #23? "You're the part of me that I don't want to see"
24. Would you recommend #24 to your friends? If they like the band or similar music.
25. Is #2 a good song to dance to? Headbang? Dance. \o/
26. Do you ever hear #16 on the radio? Never have.
27. Is #32 more of a "nighttime" or "daytime" song? Uhhhh....either/or. D:
28. Does #36 have any special meaning to you? YES. It was like the anthem of my life for a while when I was younger. ;o;/
29. Do any of your friends like #31? I'm sure there are some.
30. Is #25 a fast or slow song? Mid-tempo.
31. Is #35 a happy or sad song? I can't really classify it as either happy or sad because it really isn't either.
32. What is one of your favorite lyrics from #9? "Morning will come without warning and take away the stars"
33. Is #34 better to listen to alone or with friends? Alone.
34. When did you first hear #27? Last year.
35. Name 3 other songs by the artist who did #29: Hundred, Trust Me, Syndicate.
36. Do you know all the words to #6? No.
37. What album is #10 from? 10 Years.
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