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I bought S5E1 of Doctor Who off of iTunes since I missed the BBC America broadcast (fffff---). I decided I liked episode 1 enough to buy the DVDs when they're released in November. I can wait to watch the rest until then. I still have nearly 2 series of Doctor Who (not counting specials), 4 series of Bones, and 4 series of Stargate Atlantis to watch. I can keep myself occupied until then. If, for some ungodly reason, I manage to finish all of that on top of everything else I have to do, there's always Supernatural to watch.

Regardless, while that was downloading I searched for this and was pleased to find out that it was finally released!

I've been excited for this since, oh, I don't know, may. Needless to say, I bought this too. ♥

One thing I can say is that if Mirage is going to sound like this, I'm definitely tempted to buy it. Imagine was kind of disappointing, really. I'm also very excited for Straight to the Heart and will be upset for the second time if it gets shoved back again. Regardless, I think this song is fabulous. :)

If anyone is interested in the song:
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