September 10th, 2010

This is me irl right now:

Why? My Torchwood DVDs showed up today. I ordered them on Wednesday, but since they were shipped from Seattle it only took two days to get here despite the shipping method saying 3-5 days on average. ilu ♥

We're supposed to be going to Tillamook tomorrow, but now I kind of wanna stay home and watch Torchwood all day. I don't really care to go through the cheese factory again, but I would like the ice cream just because someone else would be treating me. I'm conveniently ignoring the fact that I have a tub of their Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream in my freezer right now. There's also the fact that don't have anything to do in the car. No books I haven't already read, no games I haven't already beaten...

In other news, I, much to my sister's dismay, got my nephew into Doctor Who. It used to be that the only one I could geek over Doctor Who with was my boyfriend since everyone else in my family doesn't like the show. Now I have a new watching buddy since my nephew likes it too!

Speaking of TV, I have a huge backlog of shit that I've recorded and have yet to watch. I have something like 11 episodes of Supernatural, the season premiere of The Choir, and an episode of Come Dine With Me recorded that I seriously need to watch already. I think the DVR is at like 80% full or something because I get busy and don't watch things as fast as I should so they don't pile up. Between all the Supernatural I've recorded and the Monty Python my dad has recorded, we have effectively filled one of the DVRs in this house. This is so many types of insanity given the amount of shows those things can hold at any one given time. roflmao.